Check In Systems

A big issue in today's world is a safe and effective check in system for your kids. Gone are the days when parents could just drop off the kids and head to "Big Church". Now, even small Kid's Church programs need check in programs that are easy yet keep security tight. If you have the budget there are several software programs available that provide easy on-site check in, while at the same time keep accurate records and database information. Here are a few links:

By The Book Check In Software Link

Fellowship One Check In Software Link

Lambslist Check In Software Link

So what if you don't have the budget for expensive software? There are also several systems for low tech solutions. Simple two part stickers work well and can be purchased in generic form or you can custom order them with your ministry's logo. Parents are simply given a two part sticker; on one part they write their child's name, the other part they keep ! Order them from or Life Way Christian Store. Link

Life Way Christian Store Link


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