Songs and Music

Every Kid's Church program needs music. It brings energy, movement, laughter and fun! The big question is, what music to use? As a kid, I remember the greatest songs were the simple and easy to remember songs of "Vacation Bible School". You know the ones . . . Father Abraham, The B I B L E, Deep and Wide - And these songs had the added benifit of hand motions that went along with them. One thing we have noticed as we travel around visiting churches is that these old songs are mostly unknown to kids today. Threre has been such a push to modernize and update that these great old songs have been all but lost to the new generation of Kid's Church! In our "live" version of Inflight Kid's church we always include lots of these old songs and kids love them as much today as we did back then! Below are some links to lyrics, chords and tracks so you can remember and revive this important bit of history for your kids!

Sunday School Songs Link
This site has music video with kids singing the songs. It's great to help you remember how they go.

Child Bible Songs Link
This one has all the lyrics if you want to make up song books or copy and paste into a Power Point.

Higher Praise Link
Higher Praise is a serious Praise and Worship lyric and chord site for musicians. If you have guitar or piano players in your group, they can go here and search by title and find chords and lyrics to most songs.

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