Volunteer Recruitment

One of the most crucial ingrediants in any Kid's Church program is volunteers. Without good leaders, no matter how great a vision, a program just can't function. That's why it is important to constantly and consistantly solicit new volunteers from your congregation. New members are looking for a ministry they can plug into and be used by the Lord. Kid's Church is a great place to "GET INVOLVED". There are so many ministry possibilities! Leaders can range from: teens who want to lead singing, play instruments, help out with gametime, or do puppet sketches; to Moms and Dads who want to teach or run sound equipment; to Grand-moms and Grand-dads who just want to be good listeners or counselors. Kid's church can use them all!

Run monthly advertisements in your bulletin to round up new volunteers. Then have quarterly luncheons for training and assimilating. Check back here at the website regularly for training materials and new recruitment ideas.
It is very important to know who your volunteers are and have them screened. Please feel free to use our volunteer application form. It is available for download in .pdf as well as an open word .doc that you may customize. Just follow the links below:

Volunteer Application PDF

Volunteer Application Open Word DOC
Here is a recruitment Power Point we put together. It's fresh and fun and can be used during your "before church" announcement time on Sunday morning. Please feel free to customize it for your needs. We added music to ours; an older hymn played thru the first 9 slides, then we changed to a faster upbeat song thru the end. I have added a link to download those tracks if you want them.

Click Here To Download Recruitment PPT

Old Church Song mp3

Upbeat Song mp3
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